About us

The company

Soak A/S (owner and developer of SQLPowerhouse) is a small company situated in Vejle, Denmark. We have been working with Microsoft SQL servers long before the startup of the company (in 2008), and we are some of the best experts in Denmark, when it comes to configuration, securing and performancetuning Microsoft SQL servers

We are all certified in Microsoft SQL server, and the company is probably the smallest Gold Partner at Microsoft. We belive that the reason for that is that we are brilliant in solving customers problems.

Check Out Our Amazing Team

Below is a list of some of our team members

Søren Agerbo CEO

Søren is one of the most Experienced Microsoft SQL server consultants and Trainers. He has a lot of experiences running SQL servers on-premises and in the cloud. His main focus is security, configuration and performancetuning.

Mike Poulsen COO

Mike is lead developer on SQL Powerhouse, and he has a great understanding of how to develop a system that works for the users. Mike is leading a team of developers in Denmark and India.

Lasse Broust Andersen Senior UI Designer

Lasse is working as a Developer and SQL consultant. He is working on the frontend, where his main focus is on User experience.

Martin Kirkholm Senior consultant

With many years of experience, then martin is one of the keystones in the SQL parts of SQLPowerhouse. He has seen it all, and he knows all problems! He is our genious.