Some of the key features of SQLPowerhouse.

Easy overview with dashboards and webparts

With our dashboard you can easily monitor all you SQL servers, and get an overview. You can also deep dive into the performance, security, configuration, high availability and configuration of each instance.

  • Updates every minute
  • Configure it as you want to see what you want
  • Subscribe to a webpart to get information in your mailbox

More than 40 reports

With an extensive reporting catalog, you can easily find historical data for your Microsoft SQL servers.

  • Subscribe to reports
  • Save report settings to easily rerun a report
  • Export to Excel, pdf, word and so on.


We does not stop with monitoring. we offer our full knowledge when you purchase a version of SQL Powerhouse. With our recommendations you can find steps that easily helps you work smarter with your Microsoft SQL Servers.

  • Out of the box
  • Recommendations already after 1 day of logging
  • Track progress in implementation